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AGM 2019
Our Officers and Organising Committee were elected by all members of the choir at the AGM. David Thompson is Chair
Beryl Knowles Secretary and
Linda Middleton Treasurer
Robin Aldous
Lucy Bennett
Yvonne Howard
Pam Jermy
Angie Marshall
Sheila Rolfe
Terrie Tooes

The choir appointed its Musical Director(s) and Conductor for the year at the AGM. They are: John Knowles and Linda Overy as MDs and Beryl Knowles as Conductor.

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We are a local choir that sings popular songs from the past to the present - A Choir for Everyone. We meet at Hellesdon Community Centre every Friday from 7.00pm to 8.30-ish


The choir is open to anyone who wants to enjoy singing together. We sing popular music from the past to the present.

We Aim to:

  • To be a community choir that is open to all people who want to enjoy singing together;
  • To develop interest in singing and music in the local community
  • To offer social activities such as theatre visits, music workshops, a book exchange and an opportunity to meet other people.

Our Approach:

We are always trying out new songs to keep us on our toes and refine them at choir sessions until they are ready to perform in public or simply enjoyed at choir sessions.


Membership is open to people of all ages who live in the local area.